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Money spent on the knife's edge - Selection of Road

Recent information from several building workshops back, I feel the most was the guest of confusion and desire for participants.

These areas have been ancestors of a step in the information business, and many still lingered in the contrast between reality and the ideal being. Their common sense is the project information into a large, long hours, often as early consideration to the incompleteness of knowledge is not in place, improper selection, resulting in poor implementation effect. The original software that many fancy features, in fact, the system did not materialize, and many projects are reluctant to use them after lower demand, some items can not meet demand even as the core and cause failure.

In conclusion, we reflect on the process that had to do despite vigorous selection, easily get more than 10 software and the implementation of the company, but because there is no right principle of selection and criteria, the Commission is to look at Which to say the last good commitment of many who chose the low price. Once implemented, companies have become a passive one, leading to spend money Quenan achieve their goals.

One participant's customers, said: "We are considering re-selection system and the implementation of the manufacturers, ask others, say the whole thing is to choose functional SAP and ORACLE; to choose a strong implementation capacity, the implementation of well-known companies on the election. Like a big all, that is, the risk small. But our company is doing the original, select the implementation of large-scale systems found in the application of costly and cumbersome system does not meet the company's many unique business needs. because the system large and complex, spent a lot of money to do some development, to use 杩樻槸 inconvenience. now business development group, talks about the information systems used, the more narrow. Womenxianzai want to re-selection, afraid select the small Gong Si, a small product 顑?the predicament of the Ke Hu some representation. I am employed in the course of many years of contact with a lot of these customers, feel the pain of business.

I used a scenarios below, to analyze and discuss selection issues in information technology. Talk about the selection of a few important principles and techniques.

Case Scenario 1:

CKK Zipper Zipper Factory is the leader in domestic production. Three years ago, a set of decision-making on ERP software, implementation services, integration of production and financial management. Selection had no experience, IT departments simply to various business sectors in their daily work problems into the needs of collection, and then invite domestic and foreign manufacturers in terms of ERP programs. After listening to a result, IT staff feel the project proposal from a thick book to learn a lot, like every product has features, seems to solve the needs of enterprises. So from the cost point of view, chose a medium-sized ERP manufacturers of products abroad.

Case Study 1:

Selection of the primary reasons for the failure of the majority does not understand the real needs of the project's objectives are not clear and needs analysis is not well done.

Many business enterprises will direct "demand" used selection, but these needs are mostly required to reduce the amount of business processes in this sector, we call the surface needs. As a result, all departments will be standing on the raised position in this sector needs to consider the request is often only partial, not considered as a whole, resulting in contradictory between the various departments.

Enterprises on information technology is to standardize and improve the management of the whole enterprise should be to maximize the corporate level management needs, not just the business of "manual handling of electronic business." The two levels of management objectives will be some conflict, so demand for selection when the judge - will have to stand in the company's high, cross-sectoral thinking.

Selection and implementation of a needs analysis is essential before. So how to do needs analysis?

More and more enterprises in the implementation of the information before putting it to start a management consulting project, the completion of IT strategic planning and needs analysis to the professionals to help companies to control demand, it has become the general premise of information selection.

Do needs analysis, should demand a hierarchical descending order to understand needs, from management to business requirements demand, to software requirements, layer by layer is derived, to software requirements (especially the core business and software requirements) for the election type criteria, but do not forget to manage demand as a fundamental to business needs, based on scientific methods to analyze the demand.

Another point experience is not blind faith in the selection of factory when the project proposal, not the more complete the thicker the better, because most of the contents of the proposal are "copies" to the. As to give the factory on the core business needs and then provide several pages of detailed reports more effective defense.

Case Scenario 2:

Implementation of the consultancy approach and found the information base CKK weak, although the company has internal and external networks, but e-mail and document sharing, office automation software are not, for most end users, difficulties in using computers, not to mention is a complex ERP software.

Case Study 2:

ERP applications are not all enterprise information. ERP solution with all the demand is not the best choice. Our many years of information technology in practice, summed up the core of enterprise information technology framework is the establishment of two platforms, a set of applications.

Two types of digital platforms, but relatively independent, they complement each other, the following table:

Document circulation, online office, online approval process and other technical documentation of network management, knowledge management platform is called, usually prior to ERP implementation. ERP platform, although it could handle unstructured information, but function is not strong, not easy to use. So the best first up office automation, reducing the difficulty of implementing ERP, but also the use of ERP is not skilled at the platforms and document transfer of such approval.

Above which the two platforms is the basis of information. In these two platforms as application management practices. The relationship between platform and applications, like aircraft carriers and escort ships relationship. No aircraft carriers, other ships in the sea battle is difficult to work together, this work; the only aircraft carrier, no warship flexible rapid response, not lines.

Applications are divided into two categories: basic application (standard class applications) is often the platform functionality can be achieved; enhance class applications need to integrate change management, process improvement, system security, performance appraisal, coupled with advanced software development to achieve to reach .

The field of information technology there is a interesting 7 / 3 principle. That you spend 70% of the money and effort to build only two platforms, the management of the revenue received less than 30%; but in building the platform, if you can continue to spend money and energy to engage in 30% of the platform application, you will receive greater than 70% of revenue management. This is the secret of doing big things Hua Xiaoqian.

The face of selection, we will ask to spend wisely on learning that? I think the most important thing is to understand the relationship between the platform and applications, there is the knowledge that is: first take the platform out after application; election platform based products play a benefit by application.

Case Scenario 3:

Implementation of the consultant to the scene, told CKK the project team, pre-commitment "in a single statement of" demand can be achieved in theory, but the need for large-scale development, and difficult to develop large, long life cycle. So they do not want development in the case, half of the system through the semi-manual approach, first used on the line up. If you really want to develop, can wait on the line later. In fact, its role as a core requirement of the industry characteristics, if not achieved by the on-line, which some functions separated from outside the system, the system only after the data storage of Cheng Wei 鍦? it loses the purpose of a business process management.

Case 3:

In the selection, the largest errors are: "large-scale systems will certainly be powerful, the more specific needs of industry characteristics, the more great products to choose." Actually, this "big expensive as long as that is all good The "idea is very one-sided.

Yes, large-scale systems are flexible and can change a variety of solutions. But the larger more complex systems to achieve together requires a lot of setup and development, application and maintenance requirements are high. Often achievable in theory, but reality is not available.

The right product selection principles: practical, sufficient, easy to use.

Consider the suitability of the product to first analyze the structure of the product framework, including data logic, the code logic and technology, see products with the core business needs of the goodness of fit and ease of implementation, achieving up to see whether the most economical and most reliable The most effective, and this is like the so-called practical.

Enterprises can invite rich experience in business consultancy and systems implementation of the products involved in the program selection argument, in particular, is to ask those that have the technical background and analytical skills for complex consultant, because they have the management, operations and overall capability of the software, attach importance to problems and solutions to the problem, not just product features and pre-sales consultant for Vision.

Select products is the principle that good enough, moderate advance. Used large-scale system will know the face of complex systems, and corporate functions will also use one of two 10. Development of more software products are based on reasonable and moderate structure decisions, rather than simply to see how many features and menus. Do not those who always do not have access to "the weak" feature foot the bill. Moreover, a software product life cycle, also in 2056, that time must be a replacement.

Select the third principle is easy to use, it refers to the product's ease of use. The success of Microsoft's Windows family of software, the first of its human interface and ease of use. Many ERP products, especially foreign products, ease of use still very poor. Domestic end-users want easy to use system is very difficult. Product interface, WYSIWYG, direct print, easy check is in the choice of product should determine the basic standards.

Case Scenario 4:

Implementation of the consultant informed the CKK project team, under the implementation of the contract, system flow documentation need to make adjustments to customer needs, consultants can do some other technical staff Yao CKK development methods in mastering Danju after myself. For business use of statistical and management reports, the system is not directly applicable to business, the contract specified by the corporate officers do, mentoring approach. Now business people as consultants required to complete the on-line documents and reports development. The fact is, the system on-line before, only developed a few of the most important documents, reports, not enough time to develop. Create on-line, the user can not guide the operational management statistical reports, even at the end of the checkout reconciliation have become a major problem. The reason, CKK's technical staff, although the report development tools already mastered, but it is difficult in the short term complex ERP system data dictionary, logical structure of understanding, so I do not know where the report data sources, how to take number, has been powerless to do development.

Case Study: 4:

Successful on-line system is an important sign is: on-line from the beginning, there is with the company's business and management style consistent with the report system. This requires the implementation is controllable with technology, even more than just statements, but also the secondary development of specific business logic.

Many enterprises in the selection, the judge did not detail the technical characteristics of products, or the blind pursuit of advanced technologies. And secondary development of the report underestimated the difficulty, or the hopes and the implementation of the consultant. In fact, unless the original software vendor, or to consultants a lot of development is unrealistic and uneconomic.

Enterprise IT staff, from product selection stage, we must consciously determine and select products on the open, controllability, control technology base. Of particular concern is the system data dictionary. Large size and complexity of the system data dictionary, most of the implementation of the consultant, not a strong technical background, it is difficult to clarify the internal logic of the system is unable to guide development.

Case Scenario 5:

Consultants in the implementation of most of the time spent during the product configuration, testing, only concerned with system-related processes and functions. On training, data, communication programs, ideas to explain the project to promote the implementation and supervision, lack of management experience, although all involved, but it seems to do no good place. On-line, the business users on the system often "know these, I do not know what it is exactly," the system to use often go wrong.

Case study 5:

Software is dead, after all dignitaries to use. In the selection, the implementation can not only attach importance to manufacturers of products and brands, while ignoring the implementation team, in fact, wise direction in the product selection is determined, has been a basic principle to adhere to - person team selected to implement the company than the alternative of important Selection of products the company elected to implement the important.

Each implementation of the company, there into the system, the implementation of the methodology. However, we often find that the content of the methodology are involved, but the project is often done well. This is most crucial is its people.

Say this is because the group thought the ability to manage integration with the software consultant, a good application of project management strategies and methods of project managers, one to understand business, management, technology and project operational method of people, a combination that do the complementary, cooperative and harmonious team, is the first element of project success.


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