Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Mount & Blade" combat experience

And so to rise to five after the archive file modify the experience of a value of 0 (can not modify the game), and have to always pay attention to changes in the value of experience, more than the backup archive file. SAVEGAMES archive file in the directory of SG00.SWG. I do not know if you can change the negative, if you can, once to -99999, save a great deal. can only be the case. but the game we can not experience a lot of fun to .... Oh

In addition, experience points to say:

As the game that they could only move five kinds of soldiers (at most 5 ...), we have the same level of arms of different names can not go together. Therefore, the recommended starting point for the city in less ZENDAR recruitment, it is like other cities not the same as the name of the arms. other cities, the more common are SWADIAN and VAEGIR, suggest that you fixed these two to move. every other city to TAVERN see. low-level soldiers can hire low, such as WATCHMAN , VAEGIR FOOTMAN these. that we value a few limited points. I propose to increase the team cap RIDING and (forgot what his name called) of the two must be added one or two points. because in the war, many times not rely on you are a person, but by the people under you to complete.

I know that the upgrade temporarily arms as follows:


VAEGIR PEASANT - VAEGIR FOOTMAN - VAEGIR VERTAN - VAEGIR HORSEMAN or VAEGIR INFANTRY (the former is the latter cavalry infantry, their ranks which saw relatively little on the rise if the number of which, I propose to maintain a 1:1 ratio of cavalry and infantry ) - VAEGIR GUARD (VAEGIR GUARD is the most top)

SWADIAN is not currently used, do not know.

When the men after the upgrade, pay attention to any additional low manpower. Maintain an appropriate ratio.

Team to consume food, remember always look at the adequacy of food.

Soldiers may be dissolved, Chu Liaocheng, open PARY menu, click on each arm, has DISBAND 1. Click to dissolve.

Special characters can be recruited, such as ZENDAR the hotel there called MARNID, the level of general, you buy a PADDED CLOTH to him he joined. Recommended not move, he will account for a person of a branch location. If joined, you can talk with him (TALK), said to be separated, he would go to FOUR WAYS INN wait for you.

When someone is chasing behind the time, find a city to the hotel sleep, you can get rid of.

I chose the profession SQUIRE, is the soldier, so riding rush ahead of time to compare the stress time. Share with you is that Zongma rushed to the enemy, they can hold down the left button and hold people would open their arms holding Sword . master direction, crossed from the enemy side, when left open, are all Pizhong. We saw the film Gladiator, no, basically fighting all such knives to injure the horse. I hate the game is the spear, not so long, people are very poor at close range stab control

Met a lot of bandits, the weakest is the River Pirates RIVER PIRATES. We were early in the first practice. Caught captives back to ZENDAR to sell, each 100, so more people move, men have higher level, it then the task of doing the more escort. or to seek refuge in other cities the local count COUNT (that is to get other cities after the first option, he will ask you to join the military), I did not join too. estimated to join, he will let you go beat the other robbers, to capture the corresponding time you can go to change money the robber. because of river pirates captured in the other cities you can not be sold

The fighting began, the enemy has not yet appeared, ordered a subordinate FOLLOW ME (press number key 2, proposed by a few mad, so that men do not listen), then select a high-lying areas, turn by waiting, so men have to, order They HOLD THIS POSITION (press 1) to see whether your archer troops if the enemy came, archers, archery to them automatically, remember to always press a key, so that their array of red horse out. and so was almost near the enemy, then ordered the attack CHARGE!!! (press 3 keys). If the game appears in Lok Ma enemy idle horses, you can press 4 keys MOUNT HOUSES, ordered the men to sit on. As for the five key DISMOUNT, I have not used, is generally used by the enemy when your cavalry surrounded Kuangou when ordered against him dismount. Remember that powerful cavalry, but if surrounded by a bunch of infantry, is a dead end.

Flat terrain in the election battle as a place, easy to rush ahead to play the advantages of cavalry. Remember, slow as the infantry, as the enemy was close to open war, or is likely to lead to the situation of siege by the enemy cavalry and suffered heavy losses.

Out of town before the fighting before and archiving, is not satisfactory, then quit reading file again.

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