Monday, October 18, 2010


ODF format (OpenDocument Format, Open Document Format) is a plain text format based on XML, which is different from the traditional binary format. ODF format, the biggest advantage is its openness and inheritable, based on documents in the ODF format can still be many years after the latest version of any software to open an office use. The traditional closed binary format based on the documentation may face many years later the question is: Since the original office software upgrade or closure of the office software company led to the old documents can no longer use, obviously it can be for users face fear of data loss, which is intolerable to the user, and open the ODF format will be a good solution to this problem. OpenDocument as a standard document format, the OASIS (The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, to promote the organization of Structured Information Standards) is responsible for the development, its purpose is to change the current office software each closed document format incompatible bad situation. ODF format allows different programs, platforms are free to exchange files without the need to bother with what the documents produced by the application.

State the overall e-government group set up a Chinese office software based on standard working group, since 2002, began to formulate a unified document format standard, after four years of hard work out of the UOF. UOF provided, including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications, office file documents describe the structure of the form, to support various office software is compatible and interchangeable between the documents. ODF with international standards and can be exchanged freely with each other.

"Standard text links" as a national standard formally promulgated, the Chinese began to have independent document format standard.

OOXML (Office Open XML) is a separate one year ago raised by Microsoft. In contrast, Open Document Format (Open Document Format) ISO standard took five years to adoption of ISO / IEC and OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards), and in most major platforms (Symbian, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSDs and Solaris) gain realized. In contrast, Microsoft's format also present some problems. For example, OOXML is only a platform to support Windows and Linux can not be implemented on non-Windows platforms. Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility with previous versions is not good, may not, as some countries Office, so if users are to pass for an old document as XML documents, using home-made support UOF Office than Microsoft Office 2007 easier to use. OOXML contains a large number of other Microsoft proprietary standards and technologies. This form other vendors insurmountable technical barriers, and have intellectual property risks.

Liu Peng Secretary-General to create a coalition told reporters that the site "standard is a product of the industrial age, industrial age must have the stigma of the agricultural age. By the same token, we now believe the economic recovery of the times, and it must with industrial standards. Why, we must mass production, standardized production. However, it some special place in particular it must be to produce on demand. It must be diversity, more attention to standards, standards of simple assembly of a rich the results. then I think this is our standard development Suo Ba Wo's something to be. Microsoft's OOXML standard did it neglected this point a, it is basically industry standard that incorporates a put out do not understand the standard. "

China as an independent state, against Microsoft's OOXML standard with a monopoly, China will not give up their national interests.

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