Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Accelerator with the PP to see potatoes, no buffer Youku

Many users on the Internet when watching video frequently encounter "card" or the "buffer" and other issues, today Xiaobian to recommend a software - PP accelerator, to solve this problem. PP accelerator (PPVA) is a network based on Internet video acceleration software, simple and free. Official data show that use of PP accelerator, the line watching the video download speed can increase 3-4 times, worth a try.

PPVA main functions:

* Improve download speed: through P2SP technology to improve micro-video when watching the video download speed.

* Video HTTP: HTTP the same video, close your browser to re-open the video without re-buffering.

* Top programs search: Hot Video Instant Search, catch nowadays the latest, hottest, coolest video.

* Hot Video Download: The wonderful video you watch while you can use the Web aware download download the video (currently the main support IE browser)

Note: PP Accelerator (PPVA) supports Youtube, potatoes, excellent cool, cool 6,56, Sina podcasts, short video website online video acceleration, do not currently support PPLive client live, on-demand programs to accelerate.

Software Download: http://download.enet.com.cn/html/050832008042202.html

PP accelerator (PPVA) with small tricks

1, the cache settings: PP accelerator buffer file default is 2G (2048MB) size, if the actual more than 2G, PP accelerator will automatically clean up the early files, so you watch the video of the speed will be significantly improved. Set the cache size method: Right click on the computer screen the lower right corner of the PP Accelerator tray icon, click on "option." If you feel 2G buffer not enough, you can "buffer size" to set bigger.

2, Perception download: namely, the "option" in the "Start Web Perception download", set that, you can see are Web browser, the video downloaded to your local computer. When the mouse hover in the FLV video player window on the top left corner of the window and a "save" interface, you can click the "Save" button, or click the drop-down menu "Save this video to (V) ..." , or directly in the player window, click the right mouse button, click the "Use this video accelerator PP Save as ..." to save video to local (currently support this feature IE6, IE7 browser)

Special reminder: It is recommended that you use the feature to download video, do not carry out any drag on the video, so video playback is completed, click "Save" button, so you can ensure that you download a video, if there is more than the video content sub-video case, the video content downloaded to the continuity, accuracy

3, content search: you can interface directly to the main accelerator in the PP's search box you want to view video content information, and then directly to Enter or click the search button on the right, you can jump to PP.tv massive video search engine Find the relevant video content of interest.


PPVA research team last year after PPLIVE study developed a short video for the current site, video content accelerator. PPVA currently used in many advanced and popular Internet technologies such as optimized for point to point transmission (P2SP), multi-task to download, Web perception download, Smart Cache and other technologies to provide video acceleration for the video Web site services, not only effective for video Web site operators to reduce server stress, save the bandwidth consumption, reduce the actual operating costs and also allow users to vividly experience to watch online video merry and feeling smooth.

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