Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barbed words! Photoshop special effects make the word cactus

Comprehensive use of Photoshop constituency, layer styles, and drawing skills, cactus effects font. Read this tutorial requires that you have some basic Photoshop operations.

1, create a new layer, press the Q key to enable quick mask. First type a letter.

2, from the Filter menu, select "distorted> glass." Application of the following settings:

3, press Q key again to disable quick mask. Ctrl + Shift + I anti-election constituency.

4, use of green fill.

5, double-click the layer to open layer style window and apply the following layer styles:

6, select the burn tool. From the top option bar to adjust the design as follows. Application of the tool fill text layer to create dark spots.

7, from the "Select" menu click on the "color range." Click to create a constituency using the dropper tool.

8, press Ctrl + J copy and paste constituency to a new layer. Double-click the layer to open layer style window. Application layer style settings as shown.

9, using elliptical shape tool to create a small oval.

10, using the pen tool to create a shape as shown below.

11, double-click the layer to open layer style window. Application layer style settings as shown.

12, to create more "thorns" Copy layer and place as shown to the right place.

13, applied the same technology to other letters.

14, copy all layers, select and copy merged layers. In the Layers panel, enable the "Lock transparent pixels." Use black fill. Press Ctrl + T. Right-click the layer and select the "distortions" to adjust the node to create a perspective shadow. Reduce its opacity.

15, using the gradient fill the background.

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