Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mito Xiu a plus for the perfect

Girl beauty is justified, but so are a lot of trouble brought ah. Skin trouble and little awkward sometimes long acne, or it is not big enough for the eyes, frustrated, alas, when a beauty which really is not easy.

Fortunately, a friend referred me to a name like "beauties Xiu Xiu" software, just go to Baidu search "beauties Xiu Xiu" or direct download beauties Xiu not only to my "face issue" gone forever, It can also be a shining beautifully P picture it! do not believe it, look at this photo before and after comparison

Figure 1: Original

Figure 2: Final renderings

Photo of MM although the skin has pink good, but from "blowing bombs can be broken," the state is also slightly less. So I gave her a dermabrasion ,(*^__^*) hee hee ... ... smooth it more

Figure 3: dermabrasion effect diagram

MM is the major focus will be discharged, but the beautiful eyes is not big enough Oh, do not have to frustration. Mito Xiu eyes to enlarge the functions of a good drop can make up my regret, now ah, even in the photos have become a big watery eyes, friends ^ _ ^

Figure 4: The effect of the eye chart to enlarge

While the United States large eyes, if only to give it more color personality. But taking pictures specifically for the color of contact lens wear will be too cumbersome, but also can not arbitrarily change color. Now for the eyes with the beauties Xiu Xiu to color, even the troubles finally solved Rights ~ ~ HOHO ~

Figure 5: Eye color renderings

Mito Xiu Xiu's make-up effects can also add eyelashes and blush Oh, no make-up mirror on the MM will no longer have to upset a very easy way to change America ~ Photo

Figure 6: Add Blush

If you just only make-up function, there can satisfy even the smug squeeze? I would also like to add PP jewelry, make photo Ka Wayi great transfiguration, I went beauties Xiu Xiu's official website the United States and the United States under a lot of accessories too!

Figure 7: Adding accessories

Mito Xiu can also add the original scene Oh, good surprise to say ~ ~ funny scene moments for the photo plus points, even super porridge it, good greedily rushed beauties Xiu official website to find a lot of scenes to come back, giggle ing ~

Figure 8: Add Scene 1

Figure 9: Add Scene 2

In addition to the scene, the beauties Xiu new features also added borders Oh, also I just love it, we soon see it ^ _ ^

Figure 10: Border

I also often use non-mainstream beauties Xiu effect of P Tutu Oh, popular non-mainstream flash map a key it out, see what I am doing this flash map, Gouxuan right?

Figure 11 flashing shutter flash map

See a picture so good a yo P spent less than a minute too! Envy, right? Fact, you can also download one to try Oh, perfect for photos hundred percent!

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